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The Computational Demonology Services Pricelist.

Conversion of PAL (UK) videotape to PAL (UK) DVD £  35.00 Per hour or per part of an hour (1 hour = 70 mins, for first hour)
Conversion of NTSC (US) videotape to NTSC (US) DVD £  35.00 Per hour or per part of an hour (1 hour = 70 mins, for first hour)
Conversion of PAL (UK) videotape to NTSC (US) DVD £  55.00 Per hour or per part of an hour (1 hour = 70 mins, for first hour)
Conversion of NTSC (US) videotape to PAL (UK) DVD £  55.00 Per hour or per part of an hour (1 hour = 70 mins, for first hour)
Additional Copies of DVD £  5.00 each
Conversion of videotape to Streaming Quicktime £  45.00 Per hour per stream.
Min 2 streams.
Sorenson 3.
Conversion of videotape to Streaming MP4 £  45.00 Per hour per stream.
Min 2 streams.
Conversion of videotape to Streaming Windows Media £  45.00 Per hour per stream.
Min 2 streams.
Conversion of videotape to MPEG-1 (standard) £  25.00 352 x 288 @ 25fps
Conversion of videotape to MPEG-1 (large) £  35.00 720 x 576 @ 25fps (VBR format, not suitable for editing)
Conversion of videotape to Windows Media Video £  45.00 Per hour.
Conversion of videotape to QuickTime Prores £  45.00 Per hour.
Conversion of videotape to MPEG-4 £  45.00 Per hour.
8mm & Super 8mm Cine To DVD £  35.00 Per Reel Hour + 5 per reel. Details Here
8mm & Super 8mm Cine to Other Digital Formats £  45.00 Per Reel Hour + 5 per reel
8mm & Super 8mm Cine to Video £  35.00 Per Reel Hour + 5 per reel
Mini DV backup of Cine to DVD conversion £  10.00 Per hour. Only if supplied as well as DVD.
Additional VHS videotape copy of any conversion £  7.50 Per hour. Only if supplied as well as DVD.
16mm film to DVD £  120.00 Per Hour.
16mm film to other digital formats £  140.00 Per hour.
Digital Video File Format Conversion £  35.00 Per 10 Mins. E.g. from
MPEG-1 to QuickTime, or QuickTime to Streaming MPEG-4
UK to US format video conversion (VHS or MiniDV) £  25.00 First Hour + 5 per subsequent hour. (1 Hour = 70 mins for first hour).
US to UK format video conversion (VHS or MiniDV) £  25.00 First Hour + 5 per subsequent hour. (1 hour = 70 mins for first hour).
UK to US format video conversion (Pan & Scan) £  250.00 Per hour
Editing £  By Negotiation  1
VHS tape surcharge £  5.00 If sending more than 1 VHS tape please add 5 per additional tape. This is a return postage charge.
Cine film splicing 1 - 5 free of charge
6+ £2.50 per splice
This charge is a species of self-defence! Badly spliced film can cause damage to the telecine, and I'd like to avoid that.
Notes & Observations

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At the moment we only have one surcharge. If you supply a cine film that's wound on the reel the wrong way round, upside down and / or backwards we'll, at our discression, charge you £5 to wind it correctly.

The problem is that when reels are wound the wrong way the film is tensed in the wrong way, and that means problems for our telecine.

Money & Related Things

Well, unfortunately we can't provide the Computational Demonology service for nothing. So here's the low down on our charges.

Terms and Conditions of business can be found here (new tab).

Our Terms are strictly cash with order.

"Computational Demonology charges the amount detailed above to convert your cine/video to the format of your choice, and write that file to a CD or DVD. This fee also includes the cost of postage (special delivery) and packing of your original tape and the CD or DVD back to you".

These rates only apply to mainland Britain (which oddly enough includes Northern Ireland and Gibralter as well as the Falklands. at least for now - don't ask). For other currencies and destinations, please ask for a quote. Basically you're looking at a surcharge equal to the extra postage.

How To Pay

We accept personal and company cheques drawn on a UK bank, Postal Orders, International Money Orders, Drafts drawn on a London clearing bank, Bank and Building Society cheques. These should be made payable to: "Computational Demonology". Generally speaking we paypal or bank transfer.

Credit Cards

We accept most credit cards but there's a 4% surcharge. We use the PayPal system to do this.

If you'd like to pay using a credit card please let us know with your order (do *not* send us the number and so on) and we'll send you an electronic invoice via email. To that end *do not* forget to include a functional email address!

Debit Cards

We use "PayPal" to process debit cards. The sign up procedure is considerably less hassle than for PayPal. And the surcharge is a whole 99p.

If you'd like to pay using a debit card, please say so in your order and remember to include a functional email address so we can send you the electronic invoice. The Goddess willing, we may have an on-line PayPal payment facility available sometime towards the end of Sept.2021. But you know how it is...

Purchase Orders

Generally speaking we do not accept these because the companies who issue them tend to take their time paying. That said, we will accept them if, and only if, you agree to our incredibly draconian PO terms. You can find these here. (new window, pdf file).

Sending Us Your Tapes or Cine Film

When you send us your tape(s), please remember to include the following:

  1. Your tape or cine film (...You'd be surprised).

  2. Your name, address, e-mail address (or phone number, in case of queries).

  3. The payment (prices detailed above). If your tape is just over an hour, then the fee in question will do. "Just over" means upto 70 minutes.

  4. Cheques should be payable to "Computational Demonology" and crossed.

  5. A note stating what part of the tape you want converted. Please use times or counter as shown on your video tape recorder. Make sure the tape is fully rewound before you make a note of these. This is particularly important for VCD and DVD conversions where you require different sections of the video to be available from menus.

  6. Feel free to download the order form. This comes in a variety of document formats that you can fill in and print. Click on the appropriate link immediately below.

Other Important Stuff

You are strongly advised to send your tape to us by "Special Delivery". In the unlikely event that it goes missing you're definately not going to be a happy bunny, particularly if it's an irreplacable original, and we'd much rather you blamed the Post Office than us.

Sending your media by special delivery protects you, and protects us. By the same token, we always return tapes and CDs using special delivery. If you don't require the original media back, after you've received and are happy with the conversions, we can securely dispose of them, saving you postage costs.

Remember to pack your tape securely in a plastic video case, inside a padded envelope.

On receipt of your tape, we'll e-mail or phone you to let you know we've got it, and how long the conversion is likely to take. This is usually between 2 and 7 days depending on the current workload.

General Observations

You are advised to send us the best quality copy you have of the tape you want converted. In most cases this will be the original tape and not a copy. Tapes recorded in LP (Long Play) mode will never give the same results as ordinary tapes, for example. The difference is particularly noticable when converting to DVD (MPEG-2) as opposed to MPEG-1.

If you're looking at conversion from one digital format to another, e.g. Digital Video (DV) to say, MPEG-2, because you want your DV footage on DVD, you can also send us DV footage on DVD-R, CD, DLT tape or DAT tape.

If using tape make sure use back up using NT backup or Backup Exec 7.3 format, and if CD, make sure it's a standard format (e.g. ISO 9660). The same applies to other formats (e.g. you have some MPEG-4 you want to turn into MPEG-2 or Prores).

It's probably best to have a word with me first. Click here send an e-mail.

Or call my mobile on

  •  (in the UK) 07749 988913
  •  or from foreign parts [idd code, usually "00"-44-7749 988913 .

Currently we only handle S-VHS/VHS/VHS-C & Mini DV tapes in PAL or NTSC or SECAM formats. Other formats coming soon, mon ami.


Computational Demonology formally undertakes not to keep a copy of your tape, nor to make it in any way available to any third partyexcept at your explicit direction.

Copyright remains with you.

Once your tape(s) and DVDs/CD(s) have been dispatched back to you, we will erase any and all copies of your video(s) held on our systems

unless and only if

you specifically request that a tape backup be kept.

That'd cost you an additional £75; we keep the tape for 5 years, you may request copies on CD / DVD for £5.00/£10.00 each once a year during this period. The tapes are kept offsite in a fireproof safe of quite impressive specifications.

Might be worth thinking about if your video is of singularly significant personal importance.

That said, your video may be backed up by our network backup system or "near on-line storage system" (this depends on when we convert it and a variety of other factors that are unpredictable in principle). If this is the case, it would cycle out of the system in 30 days.

And yes, we do have gigabit ethernet to the desktop, if you're wondering.

We do not maintain mailing lists, and under no circumstances will pass your contact details to any third party unless compelled to by a court of law. In which case the bitter truth is, we'll sing like a bird.

But that eventuality is,on the face of it is fairly unlikely,

isn't it?

Which brings us to the question of "adult video and cine".

Adult Videos / Cine

We get some trade in this area, and it is a, erm, delicate matter where people want to preserve those really rather special moments for posterity and doubtless shock the hell out of their great, great grandchildren long after they've passed off this mortal coil.

Basically, no problem, *but* make sure your video is within current UK law. And if you're into this, then you probably know what the current state of the law is. If you don't, I'd suggest you look it up, right now.

Copyright of Videos

Copyright of all conversions remains with you but you implicitly grant us the right to hold a copy for the period of the conversion + 6 weeks.

Please do not ask us to convert tapes that you don't own the copyright to, as a dawn raid by the boys in blue often offends. Generally speaking this means commercial videos you bought over, or under, the counter or recorded off television, cable or satellite.

There's no legal problem when you copy TV programmes for your own personal use, but if we copy them for you, on a commercial basis, it's illegal in a criminal and civil sense, and the penalties can be severe, expensive, and will mostly fall on us.

We don't need the hassle.


On the other hand, if you're offering a million and a half quid, cash, or gold, in advance, and three first class tickets to, say, Kenya, and a flat in central Nairobi (I have one in mind near the President's Official residence) or the place that was around after the fall of Atlantis but before the rise of the sons of Arius, and a residence in Shadizar, and some modern body armour and unlimited antibiotics, I'd certainly consider it.

Actually, I wouldn't mind the body armour for Kenya, for, as they say, "l'état, c'est Moi".

But not otherwise. And that's the bitter truth.

WebSite Copyright

Other than that, please remember that the Computational Demonology website is copyright.

Indeed, we'd go so far as to say that Therion Ware asserts his right to be identified as the author of this website in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Images, text and video from this website may only be used with the explicit written permission of computational Demonology, on our headed company notepaper, in return for payment of a fee (currently £5,550).

This fee may be waived under certain circumstances (most of them, actually, should you actually ask) but using our stuff without our explicit agreement constitutes your explicit consent to implicit commitment on your part to pay the fee specified above.

You signify your agreement to this contract by the act of using our text, graphics or videos without our direct and specific consent on a website that isn't owned or administered by Computational Demonology and/or Therion Ware.


You had to ask, didn't you?

The President of Kenya was Daniel Arap Moi.

He was president over 20 years. Kenya was originally a British colony. Corruption is rife (but nowhere near as bad as the rest of East Africa, but frankly if you pay policemen, or civil servants, for example, under the poverty line, what do you expect if not institutionalised corruption?), and government rip-offs, that the west colludes with, are stunning.

I worked there for several years in the middle 90s, and was personally responsible for at least two still existent Internet companies there. .. Ah, those were the days.... <muse> .. oh, right, where were we?

Ah Yes...

French ex-pats in Kenya tended to observe, from time to time "l'état, c'est Moi" which translates to English as "The state, is me". But "Me" in English is "Moi" in French, which is Daniel's name. So this is a multi-lingual pun that's very funny. If you've had a few, anyway.

Unless, of course, you happened to be a citizen of Kenya, in which case it's a nasty reality which will hopefully now change that Moi has gone an a new government is in power, through the ballot box.

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